What is the assessment process?

All I-CAB competency assessments are completed online, so personnel will just need access to a computer with a camera (for the ID verification/proctoring portion) to complete the assessment. 

Assessments are ‘openbook’ meaning the personnel can reference any material needed both online andhard copy and can be paused at any time should the individual need to return at a later date to complete it. 

Once you have started an assessment, you have three (3) months to complete it before it expires.

1. Personnel joins the organization within the I-CAB system and interviewed regarding work-related information that is necessary for the assessment and account setup i.e Role,Job title, which areas do the individual work? etc.

2. Personnel completes the interview process.

3. Click on 'Assess/Develop' tile to view the assessment.

4. Click "Please select the region(s) where you have significant job roles/responsibilities. A separate assessment will be created for each region selected" to manage your assessment for any region.

5. Select the region by clicking the checkbox beside the region then click continue at the bottom of the page.

6. Click on 'Assess/Develop' tile again.

7. Click 'Start'.

8. Once on the Competency Assessment activity, the personnel will be interviewed again necessary to design the assessment.

8.1 Experience Survey - the personnel will be asked how many years has he/she been in the workforce and also how many years the personnel partakes a specified rolesuch as Supervisor, Manager, and Advisory.

Toggle the circle button from left to right the amount of years then click on next.

8.2 Work Environments - the personnel will be asked what are the work environments is he/she involved with (organizations selected work environment).To add simply click the work environment from the left panel and will be added to the right panel. Click on Continue once done.

8.3 Self Assessment - the personnel needs to select which competencies he/shehas more experience, knowledge/training, advanced or an expert/specialist with.To add competencies simply click again from the left and it will be added onthe right panel. Click to Next once done.

9. After self-assessment phase the proctoring application will show up, click continue then click the check box beside "I have reviewed the privacy policy" then click again continue to proceed.

9.1 User photo - Personnel needs to take a photo of his/her face for identification. Click 'Take Photo' then 'Submit Photo'.

9.2 Photo ID - Personnel needs to take a photo of his/her government-issued photo ID for comparison purposes (only the face and full name are required). Click 'Take Photo' then 'Submit Photo'.

9.3 Rules - Personnel will be presented with the rules to follow during the actual assessment then click on 'Continue'.

9. After taking photos and reading the rules the actual assessment will begin. The personnel has the option to pause the assessment at any time, the assessment also has a timer for each question.

Simply click the answer/s then click 'Save & Continue' for each question.

You can pause the assessment by clicking the 'Pause' button that can be found in the top right of the question window.

10. Once done with the assessment, the personnel will be presented with the complete assessment details. Wait for at least 5 minutes then refresh your page to view your individual results then simply click on 'View Results'.

11. The personnel will then be able to review the competencies he/she needs to improve on based on the targets set by the organization and also to establish a development plan that will be helpful during the reassessment phase (minimum of 30 days).

12. After reviewing the results that need to be developed, the personnel can simply go back to the dashboard and click 'Development' to start the development plan.

13. The personnel will be routed again to his completed assessment details and simply click on 'Edit Plan' to establish the development plan.

14. The personnel will also see his/her actual results and the targets set by the organization then can set the competencies to be improved by clicking the checkbox for each competency.

15. Once done selecting the competencies for improvement simply scroll down to set the 'Reassessment Date' by clicking the drop down buttons. The personnel can also choose a colleague/peers within the organization that can help during the improvement process before the reassessment. Once done simply click 'Save'

16. The personnel has now established a development plan along with his/her reassessment date within the completed assessment details.