How to set up a corporate account / subscription

If you are logging infor the first time you will be prompted through the entire set up. If you would like to revisit/update your assessment settings, click on the  'Corporate Configuration' tile.

1. Select the significant region(s) that your organization's personnel perform work in. Asassessment content aligns with jurisdictional regulatory requirements the more jurisdictions checked the more assessment types participating personnel can access. When complete click 'Continue'.

2. Select from the liston the left the various work environments your organization’s personnel work in. Please note this page is NOT asking the type of work your company does but rather the environments that your personnel complete the work that they do. Once done click 'Continue' to proceed.

3. After setting up thework environments, you are now in the interview process where you need to answer whether how “often”, “at times” or “never” your organization has been involved/workaround with. Simply click the answer and once done click ‘Continue’ to progress till the last question.

Note: answering “Often” will make this risk a part of assessments where that risk could be present where selecting “Never/Extremely Rare” removes these criteria completely. Choosing “At Times” will enable your participants to determine assessment inclusion by answering a similar question regarding their exposure.

4. After the risk-based questions have been answered you will be directed to the subscription page (first time setup) so you can indicate how many individuals from yourorganization will be participating in the assessments, these individuals will be regarded as the organization's active users.

 Note: ‘Active Users’ are any individuals that will need to take part in assessments/development plans and have their data included in reports. Users that are only viewing data or administering the system should NOT be counted as 'Active Users'.

How do I edit/renew our subscription?

1. Once logged in, look for the 'Subscriptions' tile,click it to start modifying.

2. To cancel your current subscription, click 'Cancel'.

3. After canceling for the previous set up, you may edit and adjust the total number of activeusers you need for the organization (including the previous amount) for your new subscription.

 The previous amount for any credit will still be counted as paid in your new set up subscription.

 4. To adjust/edit your current subscription, click 'Edit'.

You will be directed to the subscription page where you will input the total number of active users you need for the organization.

5. If there's no need to adjust the number of active users, simply click on 'Renew' and you will be redirected to the check out page for the same amount of active users.

Note: Increases in the number of active users will come into effect immediately where as decreases in active users will come into effect as of the previously established renewal date.