How do I set up/edit my development plan?

1.1 After completing your initial assessment, we recommend reviewing first your results by clicking 'View Results' to assess which competencies you need to improve on then go back to your assessment details page to start establishing your development plan, click 'Develop/Reassess'.

1.2 Here is how you can interpret your results.

1.3 You can also start or edit your development plan in your dashboard page by clicking 'Development'.

2. Choose the competencies you want to improve on by clicking the 'Checkbox' beside it.

3. Once done choosing the competencies, scroll down at the bottom then select the reassessment date and a mentor (if applicable) within your organization by clicking on 'Dropdown box'. Once everything is set up click on 'Save'.

4. Once saved you will be routed back to your completed assessment details page and you will notice the competencies you selected for your development plan.

You can edit your development plan again if you missed anything by clicking the 'Edit Plan' and going through the same process again.

Short walk through Video: