How do I select/change our competencies?

Competencies within Assessments are specific to the organization, their jurisdiction, and workplace risks. To set them:

1. Click on the 'Corporate Configuration' tile on the dashboard to your assessment designer page.

2. Once on your 'Assessment Designer' page, look for 'Advance Settings' to view your competencies.

3. Once on 'Competency Details' page click on'Competency Selection'.

4. Under Competency Selection, you can select a competency for a specified role by clicking the "Blue" checkbox beside it. The competencies that are grayed out means they have been made mandatory during the interview for the regions/work environment.

5. To configure the regions/work environment, simply click their respective buttons on top.

Regions - select a country then select the regions where your organization performs work then click advance settings to go back or continue to work environments.

Work Environment - select a competency on the left pane, selected competencies then will be filled out on the right pane. Click continue to proceed to the interview.