How do I add/edit report groups?

1. Report groups are divisions/departments/business lines etc. that you or the organizations you share with would like to view reports for. To set them up click on ‘Edit Organization’.

2. Scroll down to ‘Custom User Group’.

3. Type in the name or description of the group e.g. “Department” and click ‘Add User Group’.

4. Under your newly created User Group g. “Department” you will now see be able to add the options you want your users to be able to choose from e.g. Warehouse/field Services etc.

You can add as many User Groups and Options within the User Groups as you like then click ‘Add’. When complete click ‘Continue’ to return to the main menu.


Note: Setting up user groups will automatically ask all users to indicate upon login what user group(s) are applicable to them and add an option to the Cumulative Metrics page.

That you can access by clicking on ‘Report Filters’.