How can I edit my personnel and view their completed assessments or other organization's data?

1. Click on 'Cumulative Metrics' tile.

2. The default view at first glance would be your organization's cumulative data, to view individual assessments in your organization simply scroll down at the bottom and look for the "Report Details" section.

3. Hover your mouse to any users under Report Details and a user card will show up, within that card look for "Assessments" and click the icon beside it.

4. A new webpage will appear regarding the personnel's individual report from that completed assessment.

5. Also located in the user's card are other features that enables a corporate administrator to view personnel's developmental progress, edit their access/roles, remove, archive and give feedback (if it's turned on). Simply click on the corresponding image to use the feature.

6. To view assessments from another organization that you are joined with/sharing data, go back on the top of the page and look for "Report Filters"

7. Once clicked you'll have the ability to filter out either your organization and/or another organization's cumulative data including additional unique specifications i.e. other report groups, departments, projects, work environment, competencies, etc. Click the dropdowns from each specification you want then 'Apply Filters'.

8. The selected/filtered out organization will appear below with its data and also the personnel's individual assessments from that organization. Repeat steps 2 to 4 to view individual assessments.

Note: The ability to view assessments, edit users, share data and add groups is restricted based onthe user's level of viewing/access i.e. must be a corporate administrator or All data viewer (these settings are determined by corporate administrators).