Can I re-do my assessment?

Yes, you can take a reassessment after 30 days have passed from your initial assessment. Another difference is that reassessments need not include all the same competencies as an initial assessment, therefore you can select only a few competencies to be part of your reassessment.

1. Click on 'Assess/Develop' tile.

2. Look for your completed assessment that has your established development plan then click on 'Review'.

3. 'Start Reassessment' button will appear as blue and clickable meaning you have already reached your reassessment date. Simply click it to start.

Note:To start a reassessment, you must have an established development and also reach your reassessment date.

A completed assessment without a development plan will look like below image sample, to help you set up a development plan click here to get started.

A completed assessment with a development plan but has not reached the reassessment date will look like the below image sample (start reassessment button is restricted with gray color).