Implementation Guide for Key Contact Registration & Corporate Account Set Up

Trying to set up an Individual Account?

Step 1: Identify who the Key Contact will be for your organization. This person will be the point of contact and action between your organization and the I-CAB Foundation. Have the chosen key contact register an account by visiting the Registration Page.

Step 2: Once logged in, the Key Contact must go to the My Information page and fill in all of the details, including the name of the company/organization. Once information is updated the Key Contact can go to the Corporate Account section where they can complete the corporate setup by filling out the company information. It is important to make sure the Company Address is entered correctly at this stage.

Step 3: On the Assessment Pre-Selection page select the assessments that are to be made available to personnel participating. Only these assessments will be available to personnel registered to your company.

Step 4: On the Competency Pre-Selection page select the competencies that are to be considered mandatory for individuals taking pre-selected assessments that are specific to their roles. Make sure to do this for each of the assessment types chosen in the previous step.

Step 5 To purchase assessments for your organization, select the Purchase page found under the Corporate Account tab. Select the number of participants/assessments you will need, as well as the Country and Jurisdiction of your company. The order total will update automatically. Complete the purchase of assessments by clicking on “Order Implementation”. Once the jurisdiction has been authorized by I-CAB assessments will be available for personnel registered to the account.

Step 6: Add all participating employees to the account using the “Register User” button (bulk/excel sheet upload) on the Users page located under the Corporate Account menu. Once a user is added, an email will be sent to them providing a video overview of the I-CAB process with detailed login instructions. You can also have users self-register using the Personal Account Set Up Guide. Next, set-up allowed email suffixes for the account at the bottom of the Users page as this determines what email addresses are allowed to access assessments. 

Step 7: Assign an alternate Corporate Contact, as well as Analysis and Data Viewers for the account. This can be done on the Users page by selecting the applicable check boxes beside each user’s name.

Step 8: Add all subcontracting organizations to the account using the “Import Subcontractors” button (bulk/excel sheet upload) on the Contractor page located under the Corporate Account menu. Once a contractor company is added an email will be sent to them providing a video overview of the I-CAB process/purpose with detailed registration instructions.

Step 9: Provide training to personnel accessing, administering and using I-CAB competency metrics under various conditions i.e., post-incident, EHS plan development, assigning prime, staff changes (hires/promotion), RFP, prequel, during execution. An Implementation Kit is also available in our Resources area.

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