Introducing I-CAB

The I-CAB Foundation is a non-profit organization that provides online competency assessment tools with the goal of improving global workforce competency across different industries and/or jurisdictions.

The concept behind the I-CAB Functional Competency Assessment Process was originally conceived in 2010 as a methodology that was both reasonably practicable for industry to implement, and that could provide demonstrable benefits in the continual improvement of workforce competency through the creation of assessment content and the delivery of assessments using a secure platform.

Today the I-CAB competency Assessment Tool is a secure online system that can be accessed from anywhere using commonly available hardware and an internet connection. All assessments are proctored through an interface that allows the identity of participants to be confirmed and all assessment activities to be recorded for review against assessment integrity standards. 

Why I-CAB assessments?

I-CAB assessments allow organizations to quantify the competencies of individuals and teams within their workforces and compare to the industry averages. Assessment results data can be used to support the personal development of individuals, and inform leadership of cumulative competency of their workforce to aid in organizational decision-making.

The assessments are developed with specific attention to the regulatory framework of each jurisdiction and the relevance of the regulatory requirements to a wide variety of industries and jurisdictions around the world. They are continually updated based on changing factors such as amended regulatory requirements, recent judgments, and new interpretations.

I-CAB assessments are intended to be used as part of a holistic approach to competency development, which includes on-site assessments, mentoring and other training tools.

The I-CAB Foundation Trust Fund

The I-CAB Foundation Trust Fund provides employment-vulnerable individuals such as young workers and/or workers entering, or re-entering the workforce access to competency assessments free of charge.  

This, in turn, provides employers with the ability to accurately hire, place and train new ‘employer representatives’ based on industry specific competencies and associated regulatory expectations.

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