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Frequently Asked Questions

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Why does my Assessment say "Archived"?


Assessment results are archived when a reassessment has been started. The results from the initial assessment will appear in the report for the new assessment once it has been completed.

My Development Plan expired. Now what?


If the reassessment attached to your Development Plan has not yet expired, you may still complete it before it also expires. Completing the reassessment will update your Development Plan to be completed.

My Assessment expired. What does that mean? What happens now?


Assessments expire six (6) months from the date of purchase or three (3) months from start date.

If your assessment has expired and you have not yet started it, the assessment will be removed from your account and credited back to the company. You will be able to add a new assessment to your account whenever you are ready.

If you started your assessment and it expired before you completed it, you will receive a report based on the questions you did answer and will be able to create a development plan based on that report.

My report says “Unverified” what does that mean?


This could mean that you did not provide your government issued ID or submit a clear user photo. It could also mean that you did not allow your camera to be used, or that one of the rules of the assessment was broken (e.g the use of headphones, additional users present, etc). You can contact the Office of the Registrar to find out the exact reason behind an unverified report.

I accidentally purchased the wrong assessment. How can I fix it?


If the assessment has not been started or completed, the Office of the Registrar can remove the assessment and refund the purchase. These funds can then be allocated towards the correct assessment purchase.

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