Corporate Targets Now Accessible on Personnel Development Plans

Posted by: Office of the Registrar on Sep 28, 2017 00:00
In: I-CAB News

Corporate Targets Now Accessible on Personnel Development Plans

The I-CAB Foundation has recently made changes to the development planning tool that is accessible to participants once an I-CAB functional competency assessment has been completed.


In response to user input, the Corporate Targets established by the Corporate User for the organization are now visible on one's development planning page. When a participant clicks to develop their plan, they are taken to the page where they can select which competencies they would like to focus development activities on. By default, the system will select the 5 competency areas that require the most amount of improvement, however the user can choose to select others that may be more applicable to their work scope. To aid in the selection of competency areas that may require more attention, participants will now be able to identify the corporate average target (illustrated by the dotted line) and the corporate peak target score (illustrated by the solid line). If the participant feels they need to develop a certain competency in order to better meet corporate targets, they can then select that area to focus their development activities.


In making the corporate targets more apparent to the individual participant, better alignment can be established between the individual’s development plan activities and the organizations cumulative competency objectives.



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